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Tony Caputo

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Klavierunterricht in Turgi und Zürich

Tony Caputo

Keyboards, Piano and Drum Machines

All about playing keyboards and piano, also with programming song assistance, drum/synth programming and recording.


Tony Caputo was born and raised near Detroit Michigan on the Canadian side of the border. He is working in soul, pop, rock and funk bands. The musician attended the Royal Conservatory of Music Toronto, got an international recording contract with «LYNX» in the frog rock vein. Caputo had the possibility to write songs with Fandango, TNT Norway and Warner Chappell Oslo/Stockholm. Furthermore he was on extensive concert tours in America and has many years of experience playing in hotels, piano bars and clubs. Music is Tony Caputo's life.


Piano, E-Piano, B-3-Organ, Synthesizer und USB-Controller Keyboard/ iPad

Weitere Fähigkeiten:

Songwriting, Arranging und DAW-Recording


Erwachsene und Kinder ab 12 Jahren


English, Italian, Spanish, some French and basic German


  • John Harris Institute Toronto, Academy of Music Arts
  • Royal Conservatory of Music Toronto
  • 45 years professional musician on two continents in five countries

Ich höre gerne:

Classic international pop music, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Bruce Hornsby, Billy Joel and Toto

Bei School78 seit:



1 Probelektion à 45 Minuten = CHF 75

10 Lektionen à 30 Minuten (4 Monate gültig) = CHF 500

10 Lektionen à 45 Minuten (4 Monate gültig) = CHF 700

10 Lektionen à 60 Minuten (4 Monate gültig) = CHF 850


Bahnhofstrasse 4c, 5300 Turgi

Bahnhofstrasse 3, 8001 Zürich


Gegen Aufpreis: Turgi und Umkreis von 25km



Welches sind Deine musikalischen Vorbilder und wie haben sie Dich beeinflusst?

Growing up near Detroit I had some Motown influence from musicians like Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie and Bob Seger then funky music with my first Horn group, but then my classical background, Listening to ELP, Yes and Genesis came into play, mixed with rock, which produce the recording contract for «LYNX».

Was ist Dein absolutes Spezialgebiet?

Playing music from a human musical point of view as opposed to reading notes and charts unable to play without a music sheet and unable to play with other musicians, which is vitally important. Music is an interactive for me and playing with other musicians is absolutely first on the list. Being able to accompany a vocalist without playing the melody, that is written on the music sheet, is also very important. Becoming musical is what my teaching goal is!

Was hast Du sonst noch für Talente / Know-How im Bereich Musik?

I’m a vocalist. I play a bit of guitar bass guitar and drums and have worked extensively on background harmonies in groups. I have worked with songwriters to finish their creations and with vocalists to put down their ideas and take a simple melody and turn it into a song.

Was erwartet mich bei Dir im Unterricht?

What’s most important is learning, how to practice in order to improve and not repeat the same praises or lessons, but to continuously move forward and grow on many levels.


In welchem Alter hast Du spielen / singen gelernt und wie bist Du vorgegangen?

I learned to play the piano at six years old and I learned to sing at 18. Playing keyboards starting with organ at 16 and performing in a band already at that age gives me a long background in the music business.

Was würdest Du als Anfänger heute anders machen?

I learned to play thanks to my father, who was also a musician. When they realized, that I had perfect pitch and a desire to play songs off the radio they took me for formal lessons

Was waren die Höhepunkte Deiner musikalischen Laufbahn?

Because of a song I wrote and I managed to get an international recording contract. My band was flown to Los Angeles to record in producers workshop, which was the premiere recording studio at that time in America, where Pink Floyd, The Wall, The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and Steely Dan had recorded previously. Being on tour with groups like Peter Gabriel, Cheap Trick, Triumph, Prism, FM and Godot we’re a constant reminder that we were a cut above, including our own headline tours across Canada. Recently being hired by TNT Norway to work in their recording studio, write songs with them and be a part of their musical family reassured me that all my years in the music business we’re not futile.

Was möchtest Du als MusikerIn / Lehrperson noch alles erreichen?

As a music teacher I would like to instill the confidence, in what you do as a musician and that whatever you do is personal valid, as long as it’s played the best you can at a certain point in time, it is a photograph of where you are at that particular moment for a reference in the future to look back to see where you started and where you came from. My job is to get you to a certain point photographic and then improve your aspects of your performance and musical ability.

Warum soll ich bei Dir Unterricht nehmen?

Getting comfortable with your instrument and with other musicians. Being reassured, that what you are doing is correct or in need of improvement, is the basis to being able to perform in public or for yourself building self confidence and character in your playing and extracting from you the best, that I can, depending on your talent and your ability.


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